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Peiris, Peries or Pieris is a Sinhalese surname. It is a common surname in coastal area of Sri Lanka. It is originated from Portuguese surname Peres and was spread across Sri Lanka during the time of Portuguese rule of the island. The name has been adapted over time, hence the variation in its spelling. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Albert Peries (born 1905), Ceylonese politician
  • Amal Peiris (born 1985), Sri Lankan cricketer
  • Bernard Peiris (1908–1977), Ceylonese lawyer
  • Deepal Peiris, Sri Lankan cricketer
  • Eardley Peiris, Ceylonese broadcaster
  • Edmund Peiris, Ceylonese headman
  • G. L. Peiris (born 1946), Sri Lankan academic and politician
  • Glanville Peiris, Sri Lankan diploma

Heshanth Peiris, Prominent doctor, UK

  • Harold Peiris (1905–1981), Ceylonese lawyer
  • Ivan Peries (1921–1988), Sri Lankan painter
  • J. B. Peiris, Sri Lankan physician
  • James Peiris (1856–1930), Ceylonese politician
  • Lester James Peries (born 1919), Sri Lankan film director
  • Lucky Peiris, Sri Lankan police officer
  • M. V. P. Peiris, Ceylonese surgeon and politician
  • Malik Peiris (born 1964), Hong Kong physician and academic
  • Mevan Pieris (born 1946), Sri Lankan cricketer
  • Milinda Peiris, Sri Lankan army officer
  • Mohan Peiris, Sri Lankan lawyer and judge
  • P. Peiris, Sri Lankan cricketer
  • Ruwin Peiris (born 1970), Sri Lankan cricketer
  • Sampath Peiris, Sri Lankan beach volleyball player
  • Stanley Peiris (1941–2002), Sri Lankan musician
  • Sumitra Peries (born 1935), Sri Lankan film director