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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

surname, attested from late 12c., from Old French Piers, nominative of proper name Pierre (see Peter) .


Peirce is a surname. It may refer to some notable people with this surname:

Peirce (crater)

Peirce is a small lunar crater, named in honor of the mathematician Benjamin Peirce, which lies in the western part of Mare Crisium. That dark, circular lunar mare is located in the east-northeasterly part of the Moon's near side. Peirce lies to the north of the craters Yerkes and Picard, and southeast of Macrobius located outside the mare. Just over a crater diameter to the north of Peirce is the smaller Swift.

The rim of Peirce is roughly circular, with a slight outward bulge along the northwestern rim. There are indications of slumping along the sides of this section, producing a wider inner wall. It is generally bowl-shaped, and is marked only by a tiny craterlet along the inner southeast rim. The interior is marked by several furrows, ridges, as well as a low, conical hill near the midpoint.

Usage examples of "peirce".

William James and Charles Peirce, discussed in Chapter 34, where the sense of self emerges from behaviour, not the other way round.

Professor Peirce suggested time zones to be called Atlantic Time, Mississippi Time, Rocky Mountain Time, and Pacific Time, and I considered making a prediction but I was more interested in Jake.

Maud Torrence was talking about a Professor Peirce who had just read a paper before the New York Academy of Sciences on the advantages of establishing national and international time zones.