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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Peignoir \Pei`gnoir"\, n. [F., fr. peigner to comb, L. pectinare. See Pectinate.] A woman's loose dressing sack; hence, a loose morning gown or wrapper.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"lady's loose robe," 1835, from French peignoir, from Middle French peignouoir "garment worn over the shoulders while combing the hair" (16c.), from peigner "to comb the hair," from Latin pectinare, from pecten (genitive pectinis) "a comb," related to pectere "to comb" (see fight (v.)). A gown put on while coming from the bath; misapplied in English to a woman's morning gown.


n. A long outer garment for women, usually sheer and made of chiffon and often sold with matching nightgown, negligee or underwear.


n. a loose dressing gown for women [syn: negligee, neglige, wrapper, housecoat]


A peignoir is a long outer garment for women which is frequently sheer and made of chiffon or another translucent fabric. The word comes from French peigner, to comb the hair (from Latin pectināre, from pecten, pectin-, comb) describing a garment worn while brushing one's hair, originally referring to a dressing gown or bathrobe.

Very high-end peignoirs were occasionally sold with sheer long gloves and stockings made of the same material as the peignoir itself for wear to bed or on occasions where the wearer would be seen in her nightclothes; such as visiting or while sharing accommodations during travel. Contemporary peignoirs are usually sold with matching nightgown or panties.

Usage examples of "peignoir".

Zij droeg alleen een lossen, grijzen peignoir, die zonder eenige behaagzucht om hare vermagerde leden hing.

Elize, in een zonderlingen peignoir, van grijze, Chineesche zijde, met roode kwasten, schilderde in het balcon aan een tafel, bezaaid met verven en penseelen.

The singing appeared to me mediocre, but the songstress in her peignoir interested me much.

Carlyle, take a long, lavishly perfumed bath, put on her oldest, softest, most familiar peignoir, have a great fruitwood fire-the first of the year-lit in the generous fireplace of her bedroom, and stretch out on the pile of pillows flung down on the carpet.

She was the one who warranted a second look, dressed as she was in a naughty scarlet peignoir, with enough makeup on her face to intimidate a seasoned hooker, but very little she or any of the Kappas did these days surprised me.

It's a robe ' Pink chiffon polyester, probably, not even her mother would be silly-enough to send a garment that would have to be dry-cleaned every time it was worntrimmed with satin rosebuds, it bore a striking and certainly coincidental resemblance to the Callot Soeurs peignoir.

She put the tray she carried on the desk and advanced, smiling fixedly, on one of the young women, who was reaching for the Callot Soeurs peignoir, ignoring the discreet sign that read, "Please ask for assistance.

He sorted through the piles of finery with ruthless hands, trying not to notice the gossamer pantelets and camisoles, trying not to remember how Jessica had looked with her ruined peignoir torn away from her breasts, revealing the marks of a man’s brutality on her luminous skin.

At midnight, she took off her eye makeup and the peignoir and made herself a milk punch.

Reenie enjoyed reciting the details of this—the nightgowns, the peignoirs, the kinds of lace on them, the pillowcases embroidered with monograms, the sheets and petticoats.

She set the candelabrum down on the bedside table and stood before him, magnificent and comforting in a flowing peignoir of peach color trimmed in gold.

She had tremendous success in the second-floor ladies' boudoir and racked up two peignoirs, a stained-glass accent lamp, and a tasseled footstool.

All of which the girls showed no modesty about, throwing open silk peignoirs to say, “It’s all red, Doctor.

In their stained peignoirs, in their green stockings and melon-colored drawers they drifted through the smoky oil light like makebelieve wantons, at once childlike and lewd.