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n. (alternative form of pe English) (qualifier: Semitic letter)


Peh pronounced "Pe-h" is a village in Ukhrul District, Manipur, India. The village was earlier called 'Paoyi', which is a misconstrued derivative of the original name 'Peh' given by outsiders. Peh is approximately 35 kilometers north of Ukhrul district headquarter. The village is partially connected by National Highway 150, Imphal–Kohima via Ukhrul– Jessami Highway. The village comprises two settlement areas: Proper Peh and Peh Ngahurum, also known as Khunou (New settlement). The total population of the village is around 2700. The village panchayat (Sangvu) consists of the representative from different clans headed by an elected chairman is the Apex body of the village. All administrative, political and judicial decisions are taken by them.

The size of Peh village is roughly 52 square kilometres. Peh is flanked by Kalhang, Kuirei, Marem, Marangphung, Namrei and Razai in the east, Paorei, Varangrai and Phungcham in the south, Chingjui (Chingjaroi) in the north, Phaibung lower and Ngari in the north-west, Theiva and Hume in the west. Two rich rivers, Wuireikong and Mashakong flow in the eastern and western side of the village respectively, providing abundant source of water to the cultivators and hunters.

Usage examples of "peh".

The seventy-two languages born after the great confusion are ignorant of fundamental letters: for example, the gentiles do not know the letter Het and the Arabs are unaware of Peh, and hence such languages resemble the grunting of swine, the croaking of frogs, or the cry of the crane, because they belong to peoples who have abandoned the true way of life.