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Peeple may refer to:

  • Peeple (company), an Austin, Texas-based company and their internet-based peephole product of the same name
  • Peeple (mobile application), a mobile application that allows people to rate other people
Peeple (mobile application)

Peeple is a mobile application that allows people to leave recommendations for other people based on professional, personal and romantic relationships. Initially described as a " Yelp for People", the original announcement in October 2015 drew criticism over concerns of harassment, and its creators launched a "watered-down" version of the app March 2016.

The company was founded in April 2014 by Nicole McCullough and CEO, Julia Cordray.

Peeple (company)

Peeple is a technology company based in Austin, Texas. It is best known for its internet based peephole that allows users to see people outside their house using a mobile app. The Daily Mail referred to the company's product as "caller ID to your front door."

Usage examples of "peeple".

And Mager Blakes horses went by jest lickety larup for the Torrent ingine house with old Brown driving, and then Flunk Ham came piling into the church and said, give me that roap and he puled like time, then sum peeple came runing in and said where is the fire, and Flunk he said we dident know, and then we herd the ingine and went out and they was the Torrent and the fountain and lots of men, and they said where in hel is the fire and nobody knowed where it was.

Shute and father said he was and the man said are you the man whitch put a old man on the trane at the depo and father said yes and i thougt the man wood give father a hundred dolars or a gold wach and father looked as if he thougt the man wood say noble man you have saved my fathers life, but the man looked mad and said well sir you did a prety smart thing to throw a helpless old man on to the rong trane and send him of 100 miles away from home and scart all his peeple most to deth becaus they thougt he was merdered and cost him 3 dolars to telegraf and stay all nite and if you dont know more then that you had beter soke your head.

George what are you going to do with the boy, drownd him, and father he said no but i wood if he dident amount to more then you have, and then that man he shet up and a nother man he holered George have you saved enny more peeple and father he said no i had a chanse to but his name was Mudge and i let them hang him, and then that man he shet up.

I'd lie in bed panicked during school hours amid piles of ill-gotten Mad magazines and Creeple Peeple figures and listen to the lonely handheld bells of the Salvation Army Santas on the street below and think of synonyms for dread and doom.

As I drove out of the barn lot, Tom Peeples was still hunkered down dejectedly in the water trough like an old man washing his privates in a bathtub.

I took my blue chicken out of the coop and passed him to Tom Peeples.

As Milam Peeples sat down on a sawhorse beside the pit and turned the cock on its back for Tom to heel him, I noticed that Little Joe's left eye was missing.

The expressions on the faces of Milam Peeples &Son were truly delightful to see.

Mansfield,” Milam Peeples said plaintively, standing on the other side of Tom's felled body, “but here's three hundred and fifty-two dollars in bills.

Milam Peeples was in his late fifties, tanned and well weathered by his years of outside labor.

Old Man Peeples has never heard of you, Frank, and he's taken you for a sucker.

The Peeples farm was some six miles out in the country, and to get there I had to follow the lurching car over a twisting, rock-strewn, spring-breaking dirt road.

Instead of the usual graceful sweep of arching tail feathers, the Peeples cock had only three broken quills straggling from his stern.

The Peeples cock was the meanest and most aggressive biller I'd seen in some time.

Old Man Peeples scarcely had time to pull his hands away from beneath Little Joe's body when Icky clipped twice and cut the veteran fighter down on its score.