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Usage examples of "peeky".

And at the end of the day Peeky polished up the tools carefully, and put them in a nice dry place.

But, of course, it was no good hunting because Peeky the gnome had taken them off to his hollow tree, and at that very minute they were drying nicely all round his stove!

They had made all the chairs, a most beautiful round table, a lovely deep cupboard, and the sturdiest little stool you ever saw for Peeky the gnome.

When all his furniture was finished on Friday night, and Tippy the elf had seen it, and clapped her hands for joy, Peeky spoke to the tools.

When he saw Peeky the gnome there, a big bag over his shoulder, he was too surprised to speak.

When Peeky the gnome comes to borrow them, they are always clean and bright.

I know because Peeky told me himself when he showed me a new book-case he had made for Tippy!

Had Eddy Gagan, our glorious full forward, looked a bit peeky on his last outing?