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vb. (en-past of: pee)

Usage examples of "peed".

The Peed unit has been badly damaged by some kind of electromagnetic pulse.

The Peed units were hardened against snooping, sniffing, pulsing, sideband and brute-force attacks.

R Peed units, a pair of mall-sweepers, a flying cambot, and a squat, octopus-armed maintenance robot, lying in a lifeless tangle.

Ada had led the first R Peed unit here, and it had been fried by some piece of very ugly infowar equipment.

It had the robot accent, like an R Peed unit, the standard English of optimal soothingness long settled on as the conventional robot voice.

If you were an infowar terrorist using this as a base of operations, and you got spooked by a little truant girl being trailed by an R Peed unit, would you take her hostage and run deeper into the mall or out into the world?

I scrambled out of my hiding place, reassured myself of some privacy, and peed in some bushes, taking care not to wet my good jogging shoes.

They peed themselves and sat farting in the lobby, chuckling at the trumpeting sounds that issued from their nightgowns.

I was amazed when they peed quickly in a heavy stream, whereas it took me about ten minutes to urinate.

He walked forward and unzipped his fly, letting his privates fall out by pulling at his shorts, not once touching skin on skin, and peed, eyes shut tight.

He was tempted to sneak a look sometimes, to leave off his bib when his mom was outside in the garden, or to leave his eyes open when he peed at the urinal, but his will was strong, and the curiosity was fleeting.

When he peed outside, I placed my cheek against his and praised him in my sweetest voice.

Marley lifted his leg and peed on a tomato plant before hurrying to rejoin his new pals.

Anvil peed copiously in the dust before he loped off in the same general direction.

Maybe he peed on a stick and it instantly turned purple for pot, like a home pregnancy kit.