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If one thing I already sus pect is true, it makes a great deal of sense.

You have to expect a little spirit when you get a roomful of cattlemen.

She had ex pected something large and square and imposing, rather than this charming old manor-house nestling like a con tented babe in the warm sunshine.

Tim worked and came home and watched television, and then expected sex on demand.

However, that was to be expected, she thought, when she had been poor company for so long.

One would have ex pected open eyes and a grimace of pain from the death, but, then, even traumatic death had few hard-and-fast rules, as the pathologist knew.

Others again thought he resembled nobody, and sus pected my Lady had been bamboozled by an impostor.

If our defensives could attain those velocities, our pros pects in warfare would be greatly improved.

Reading the horoscopic stars, we found no future ill in their as pect.

Agility's not in it, when it comes to Palladian, daring alone will carry the day and, though the first storey's graced with a hefty caryatid whose bulbous loincloth and tremendous pects facilitate the first ascent, the Doric column on her head proves a horse of a different colour, I can tell you.

He grinned more broadly as the majestic tones echoed through the forest and started a veritable shower of tree-dwelling insects and snakes, shaken from their perches by the unex pected loud reverberations.

He ran, ex pecting momentarily to feel the wherry talons rending his flesh.

Altenbach said, signaling a waiter to bring a chair and set up another place for his unex pected guest, "you can't disrupt the established proce dure of lobbying.