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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ By working the pecs from different angles it is possible to direct the work-load to different parts of the muscle.
▪ Derrick Evans is Roland Rat with pecs appeal - and the housewives love it.
▪ The pecs are such a dominant muscle group visually that it is very difficult to hide faults in development.
▪ The pecs respond fairly quickly regular training, especially the bench press.
▪ The pectoralis minor lies underneath the pectoralis major and in almost all cases any reference to the pecs means the pectoralis major.
▪ Then out the glass door, back to your health club, your pecs, your abs.
▪ We hadn't realised they had such rippling pecs and bulging biceps!

n. (plural of pec English)


n. either of two large muscles of the chest [syn: pectoral, pectoral muscle, pectoralis, musculus pectoralis]


Pécs (; known by alternative names) is the fifth largest city of Hungary, located on the slopes of the Mecsek mountains in the south-west of the country, close to its border with Croatia. It is the administrative and economical centre of Baranya County. Pécs is also the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pécs.

The city Sopianae was founded by Romans at the beginning of the 2nd century, in an area peopled by Celts and Pannoni tribes. By the 4th century, it became the capital of Valeria province and a significant early Christian center. The early Christian necropolis is from this era which became an UNESCO World Heritage Site in December 2000.

Its episcopate was founded in 1009 by Steven I, and the first university in Hungary was founded in Pécs in 1367 by Louis I the Great. (The largest university still resides in Pécs with about 34,000 students). Pécs was formed into one of the cultural and arts center of the country by bishop Janus Pannonius, great humanist poet. Pécs has a rich heritage from the age of a 150-year-long Ottoman occupation, like the mosque of Pasha Qasim the Victorious on Széchenyi square.

Pécs always was a multicultural city where many cultural layers are encrusted melting different values of the history of two thousand years. Hungarians, Croatians and Swabians still live in peace together in economic and cultural polarity. In 1998 Pécs was given the UNESCO prize Cities for peace for maintaining the cultures of the minorities, and also for its tolerant and helping attitude toward refugees of the Balkan Wars. In 2007 Pécs was third, in 2008 it was second Livable city (The LivCom Awards) in the category of cities between 75,000 and 200,000 inhabitants.

In 2010, Pécs was selected to be the European Capital of Culture sharing the title together with Essen and Istanbul. The city's motto is: "The Borderless City". After receiving the title major renewal started in the city. Renewed public places, streets, squares and neighbourhoods, new cultural centers, a concert hall, a new library and center and a cultural quarter were designed.


Pecs may refer to:

  • Pécs, a city in Hungary
    • Pécsi MFC, a football club in the Hungarian city
  • the pectoralis major muscle
  • Picture Exchange Communication System, a means of communication for children on the autism spectrum

Usage examples of "pecs".

They were sweating, these bodybuilt young men, and the mighty LumeNex lights brought out their traps, lats, delts, pecs, abs, and obliques in glossy high definition, especially when it came to the black players.

It was an awesome look, an intimidating look, the look of not only Jordan but also one of those wrestlers who has built himself up into a brute of sheer muscle and testosteronethe shaved head, the powerful neck, the bulging shrink-wrapped traps, delts, pecs, lats, and the rest of it.

His tight T-shirt was more like a film than a fabric, and his mighty pecs, delts, traps, lats seemed to pump up before your very eyes.

Under the tortured Lycra-blend orange fabric, the topography of monstrous lats, delts, abs and pecs was clearly visible.

April 7, 1940, the British Government ceased diplomatic relations with Hungary, and the English flyers bombed the cities of Pecs, Szeged, and Villany.

The Cossack had been in far worse case than even Reynolds, and understandably so: for the last half of the distance between Szekszard and Pecs -- almost twenty miles -- he had been perched outside the truck, jammed between fender and bonnet, keeping the screen completely clear for the Count as he had driven through the blinding snow.

Under the surface he saw their bodies flowing forward, revealing their sleek lines—classic swimmer lines, like Selena’s—rangy shoulders tucking up against their ears one after the next, rib cages smoothed over by powerful lats, breasts flatly merged into big pecs or else bobbing left then right, as the case might be.

Then, just out of curiosity, he tried flexing his pecs as he'd seen muscle men do.

He was a powerfully built young man, an enthusiastic skier, fisher­man, and skirt-chaser, who favored T-shirts even in winter so that he could show off his gorgeous pecs and 55-cent biceps.