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Peco is a UK-based manufacturer of model railway accessories, especially trackwork, based at Pecorama, Beer in South Devon, England.

Peco is the collective name for the Pritchard Patent Product Company Ltd, Peco Publications and Publicity Ltd, and Pecorama. Founded in 1946 in a small cottage, Peco now distributes worldwide.

Peco (unit)

peco is the unit of measurement of the dielectric properties of concrete and other hydrating materials.

The dielectric constant of concrete is about 4.5, but changes with time, as concrete hydrates, and with changes in formulation and/or ingredients.

The unit of peco is derived from the two elements of the dielectric constant (which is a ratio), permittivity and conductivity. peco was coined by Hydronix, Ltd. to represent a unit of output from their TitanCSM device which measures the dielectric properties of concrete as it hardens 1


Peco (disambiguation)

Peco may refer to:

  • Peco, the British manufacturer of model railway track and equipment
  • PECO Energy, formerly the Philadelphia Electric Company, now a subsidiary of Exelon
  • peco (unit of measurement), used for quantifying the dielectric properties of concrete
  • Asim Peco, linguist
  • Pakistan Engineering Company (PECO), an engineering company in Pakistan
  • PECO-InspX, a global manufacturer of Fill Level Monitoring, X-ray Inspection and related industrial systems

Usage examples of "peco".

Traniv was pacing up and down in the huge execution yard, Pecos Allbellin beside him.

Molly rode behind Matt in the darkness she let Pecos find her own way.

With longing she looked at the back door, an image of Pecos and the vast prairies beckoning her.

Kicking Pecos into a dead run she was gone before Matt could finish his colorful response.

He set a steady pace for their return, Pecos trailing them at a distance.

Sawyer made her ride Pecos on her stomach, draped over the saddle sideways, her hands tied behind her back, her feet bound at the ankles.

Molly sat on Pecos, bareback, talking to Howie while he tried to mount his horse, also without a saddle.

As Molly rode behind Matt in the darkness she let Pecos find her own way.

It was childish but Molly kicked Pecos into a gallop and left Matt behind.

As Pecos broke through the surrounding brush, she suddenly reared, nearly throwing Molly to the ground.

Molly opened the stall door, forcing Matt to move aside as she led Pecos out of the stables.

Darkness descended as Pecos trotted into the protected valley where the remains of the ranch house stood.

Taking Pecos to the broken-down barn she attempted to get the animal settled from the piercing wind.

Molly could only ride Pecos at a slow gait, so Matt and Cale flanked her as they rode slowly through what had once been Comanche territory.

An hour later they crossed the Pecos River, putting the horses into the ford, the water swift and clear and partly salt running over the limestone bedrock and the horses studying the water before them and placing their feet with great care on the broad traprock plates and eyeing the shapes of trailing moss in the rips below the ford where they flared and twisted electric green in the morning light.