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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pebbly \Peb"bly\, a. Full of pebbles; pebbled. ``A hard, pebbly bottom.''


a. 1 Of or containing pebbles. 2 With a surface like that of pebbles.


adj. abounding in small stones; "landed at a shingly little beach" [syn: gravelly, shingly]

Usage examples of "pebbly".

And they toiled on till they reached the spot where the cold water bubbled out from a pebbly hollow under an old tree.

For a distance they walked hand in hand, but as they reached the path of pebbly brightness near the house, Galatea drew away and sped swiftly before him.

Among the green and gentle slopes ran broken, pebbly trails, where the fleeing Magg might have passed and where clues would be invisible to the eyes of even the most able tracker.

The ground shifted under him, and suddenly he slipped down a pebbly slope and found himself slogging through calf-deep drifts of sand.

One day Dylan saw one scratching some primitive botched skully board, not on a slate but on a pebbly square of poured concrete, hopeless, like a fallout survivor dim with radiation sickness sketching a blueprint for reinvention of the wheel.

The playa is low to the water so that a flood would easily cover it, but it is pebbly and firm-looking.

He made his headquarters in the corridor hallway where the twos had set up the one-by-eight on the two stepladders they used for scaffolding, and where Prew was working, first standing on the board, then sitting on it, then kneeling on the floor, washing down swath after swath of the pebbly plaster wall from floor to ceiling.

The walls have a stripy textured covering in two shades of gray below a pale-gray rail and an off-white pebbly covering above that.

In many regions, particularly in those occupied by glacial drift, and pebbly alluvium along the rivers, the effect of this action, like that of earthworms, is to bring to the surface the finer materials, leaving the coarser pebbles in the depths.

As past the pebbly beach the boat did flee On sidelong wing, into a silent cove, Where ebon pines a shade under the starlight wove.

Zhemzhis have pebbly grayish beige skin, snoutlike faces, and vestigial tails.

This particularized view of its miniature saurian snout and pebbly skin defanged his hatred.

Here, upstream from the village, the river cut so close below the earthworks that the ramparts rose right out of the water except for a thin strand of pebbly beach from which the men swam.

He moved upstream, emerging in darkness with his flippered feet on a pebbly bed.

Despite its fantastic thinness, there were molecule-thin murals worked onto it: titanic scenes of Investor argosies where wily Investors had defrauded pebbly bipeds and gullible heavy-planet gasbags swollen with wealth and hydrogen.