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Crossword clues for peasants


n. (plural of peasant English)

Peasants (film)

Peasants ( - Heulk) is a 1978 South Korean film directed by Kim Ki-young.

Usage examples of "peasants".

Robson keeps the story moving deftly through the separate worlds of courtesans, warriors, priests, peasants, poets and actors, with an eye to the complex rules that govern them all.

Sherwood on a tour of nearby villages, in search of peasants who were known to have been gamekeepers, or thought to have run traps.

I mean, to show the stupid peasants and other superstitious wretches, including the priests, that modern science and engineering are good at solving problems.

He wondered drowsily if the peasants were as afraid of wolves as they seemed to be of bears.

Gregori tried to think of some plan to get the peasants back into the fields.

Sherwood visited, he and Natalya met the peasants who had found old Ivan dead.

Here were fresh tracks of the bast-fiber slippers all peasants seemed to wear in summer.

From that position he eyed his brother and the two peasants without surprise.

Agafon said he wanted to assure his new master that most of the peasants were now convinced, or soon would be, that the bear killed was truly the deadly one.

Sherwood, peasants could be counted on, more often than not, to be helpful to any fugitives.

Here and there Sherwood and Natalya gleaned other bits of news from gossiping peasants, carters, peddlers, or holy fools.

They might persuade and pay some peasants to buy third-class tickets for them.

Tosa being too uninterested in the peccadillos of peasants to involve himself in this particular theft.

She had seen peasants carrying their own weight and more in the loads on their backs.

The peasants say the demons who live there crush the bones of evildoers.