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n. (plural of pearl English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: pearl)

Pearls (Elkie Brooks album)

Pearls is a 1981 album by Elkie Brooks. It is in part a compilation album, featuring earlier singles mixed with newly recorded material. It went on to become a major hit in the UK - the biggest of her career.

Pearls (Ronnie Drew album)

Pearls is an album by Ronnie Drew in collaboration with a group called Grand Canal. It consists mainly of poetry recited by Drew over music performed by the group. Released in 2007, it also features previously released recordings from The Celtic Poets by Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart.

Usage examples of "pearls".

According to Indian mythology it is believed that pearls are formed by the tears of the moon dropping into the sea.

He had sold his share of snide pearls, done deals and profited from pearl finds and the shell take.

Impulsively she draped the rope of pearls around her neck and pressed her hands over the pendant.

Lily lifted up the pearls and kissed the pendant and for the first time in many weeks, laughed aloud.

There was the story of the Japanese cemetery where so many divers ended their days, pictures of Chinatown with its dim shops and seedy opium dens, a famous Indian pearl cleaner who was known for his precise skill in stripping away the rough outer layers of valuable pearls, the horse-drawn train that ran along the wharf, the shanty township with beached luggers on the foreshore at Dampier Creek.

The lady of the house, in bustle and beaded dress with a rope of pearls, held the hand of a small boy with long curls, lace collar and starched sailor suit.

Before long three shells had yielded small gleaming round pearls which Tyndall slipped into his pocket with great satisfaction.

It was an industry pursued by wild risk takers who were fiercely competitive and secretive about the pearls they found.

Any pearls found represented a bonusa little for the crew, a lot for the pearling master.

In season and during the lay up months, the town was alive with stories, more often rumours, of pearls found, prices fetched, deals done.

While the handling and marketing of shell was a very open business with few secrets, everything about pearls seemed to be surrounded with secrecy and intrigue.

Stolen pearls, or snides, were filched by divers and crews and sold to known snide buyers or anyone prepared to resell them at a profit.

They had good reputations, but Ahmed trusted no one when it came to pearls and he knew that it took only the slightest hand work to conceal a pearl if temptation struck.

Not many pearls, mostly small baroque, but we still have the deck cargo to open.

Had a telegram from Perth from the representative of a European pearl merchant wanting first option on any pearls we find.