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PDC may refer to:

PDC (language)
PDC (gang)

The PDC (formerly Peel Dem Crew, now Poverty Driven Children) was a street gang based out of the Angell Town housing estate in Brixton, London and is now a music label. Founded by Elijah Kerr, street name Ja-Ja, the gang was originally drawn out of membership of another Brixton crew, the 28s, and engaged in robberies of local businesses as well as drug dealing and firearms, taking control of the Angell Town estate.

Following Ja-Ja's release from prison, he encouraged members of the gang to do more positive things with their lives and start up a music label instead. They released an album, Pray Days Change, and several music videos.

A faction of the PDC meanwhile broke off and converted to Islam in search of an identity while still continuing to engage in crime. This group, known as the 'Muslim Boys', caused something of a stir in the media for their lurid mix of gangsterism and religion and were said to engage in forced conversions at gunpoint.