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PCN may refer to:

  • Stock symbol for PIMCO, corporate income fund of Allianz, Germany
  • Partido de Conciliación Nacional, former name of the National Coalition, a political party in El Salvador
  • Partidul Comuniştilor (Nepecerişti), the Communist Party (Nepecerişti), a political party in Romania
  • Pavement classification number, a code classifying types of surface at airports
  • Pecked curvilinear nucleated, in archaeology, a form of prehistoric rock carving
  • Penalty charge notice, a fixed penalty notice issued by parking attendants
  • Penicillin (abbreviation)
  • Pennsylvania Cable Network, non-profit cable television network of Pennsylvania, United States
  • Personal communications network, mobile telephone system, Europe
  • Personal Computer News, a defunct computer magazine
  • Polychlorinated naphthalene, an organic pollutant
  • Potato cyst nematode, an agricultural pest
  • Program Composition Notation, a language for parallel programming
  • Process control network, a communications network that transmits instructions and data between control and measurement units and SCADA equipment
  • Putnam City North High School
  • Pcn, the abbreviation for orchid genus Polycycnis
  • p.C.n., a modern Latin abbreviation for Post Christum Natum ("After the Birth of Christ") used when writing in Latin
  • Personnel Certification in Non-Destructive Testing, maintain by the BINDT in the United Kingdom.
  • Product Change Notification, document issued by a manufacturers to inform customers about a product change
PCN (band)

PCN (Payasos Come Niñas) is a Mexican metal band formed in 1999 by Xavier "Terry" Terriquez And Pablo Aripez. The style of the band, with growling death metal vocals and clean overtones, goes from death metal to progressive metal, using thrash rhythms, often in the same song. Some time after the band had formed, Alejandro Fabela "Daldo" came in as vocalist.

Around this time, "Taco" became the bass player and soon PCN merged with "Los Restos" with "Achu" on 2nd guitar and "Alain" as lead vocalist. Daldo left the band in 2001 to form tRazGo, where he met Felipe Valdez. In 2003 Felipe left tRazGo as soon as the 2nd album was finished, and Terry Joined the band in his place.

In 2004 Daldo and Terry left the band due to musical differences, but PCN was later reformed with Felipe and Pablo, this time making use of grittier vocals and more guitar-oriented, heavier music. The 2005 release of "Payasos Come Niñas" gave the band a chance to be part of Argentina's and Latin America's biggest metal band A.N.I.M.A.L. on their "Combativo World Tour" and also won them Enredox Magazine's"Independent Metal Album Of The Year" and "Best Metal Song" for "En Busca de Mi" in the same year.

During 2009 the band was writing and recording a new album, due later in the year, but has since disbanded.