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Pchery is a village in Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic. It is located about 5 km north of Kladno and has a population of 1,806 (2006). The village occupies an upper part of right slope of broad valley of the Knovízský potok stream, just on northwestern edge of large elevated plateau called Rovina ("The Plains" ). Pchery proper consist of two formerly distinct villages of Pchery and Humny, which today form one built-up area. Village of Theodor, once a late 19th-century miners' settlement in vicinity of former colliery of the same name, located about 1.5 km to the southeast, also forms an administrative part of Pchery.

The first mention of the village dates back to 12th century. In a document from about 1127–1128 it was stated to be in property of the Saint George Cloister of Prague Castle.

Parish church of St. Stephen in Pchery was first attested in tithe registry in 1352. It was enlarged from one to three naves in Baroque style in 1706. Above the church there stands a belfry built around half of 18th century.

A wind power plant, the most powerful in the Czech Republic as of 2008, has been operating on a field about 1 km northest of Pchery since April 1, 2008. It consists of two towers of 88 m in height, each equipped with a 3 MW wind turbine supplied by Finnish manufacturer WinWinD.

Oldřich Duras, Czech chess Grandmaster was born in local part of Humny in 1882.