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PCE may stand for:

In business and ' economics':

  • Personal consumption expenditure (or "Private consumption expenditure")
  • Personal consumption expenditures price index

In organizations:

  • Parents for Choice in Education
  • Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, New Zealand government agency
  • Parti Communautaire Européen, a political party in Belgium
  • Partido Comunista de España, the Communist Party of Spain
  • Partido Comunista del Ecuador, the Communist Party of Ecuador
  • Power cost equalization, a state subsidy in Alaska

In chemistry:

  • Tetrachloroethylene (perchloroethylene).
  • Partial chemical equilibrium.
  • Pro-opiomelanocortin converting enzyme, anzyme

In engineering:

  • Power conditioning equipment
  • Pyrometric cone equivalent
  • Process control engineering
  • Aplicação da Medidata

In medicine:

  • Prenatal cocaine exposure, exposure of a fetus to cocaine when a pregnant woman uses the drug
  • Eticyclidine, a dissociative anesthetic drug.
  • Physical Capability Assessment

In computing:

  • Path computation element, a network element used for pathfinding
  • Private Character Editor, a Microsoft Windows component
  • Post-completion errors, a class of errors in human-computer interaction
  • Principle of computational equivalence, a concept developed by Stephen Wolfram published in the book A New Kind of Science
  • PC Engine, a video game console.

In military:

  • Patrol Craft Escort, a US Navy hull classification symbol
  • In the Royal Navy means, Passed Command Examinations

In other fields:

  • Professional continuing education, a type of adult education
  • Passenger car equivalent, a measure of traffic flow
  • Partial Compliance Evaluation, a procedure used by the US Environmental Protection Agency

In institutions:

  • Padmanava College of Engineering, Rourkela, an engineering college located in Rourkela in Orissa state of India, and affiliated to Biju Patnaik University of Technology.
  • Parshvanath College of Engineering, an engineering college located in Thane (West) in Maharashtra state of India, and affiliated to the University of Mumbai.