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PC-BSD or PCBSD, is a Unix-like, desktop-oriented operating system built upon the most recent releases of FreeBSD. It aims to be easy to install by using a graphical installation program, and easy and ready-to-use immediately by providing KDE SC, LXDE, Xfce, and MATE as the desktop environment. It provides official binary Nvidia and Intel drivers for hardware acceleration and an optional 3D desktop interface through KWin, and Wine is ready-to-use in running Microsoft Windows software. PC-BSD is able to run Linux software, in addition to FreeBSD ports, and it has its own package management system that allows users to graphically install pre-built software packages from a single downloaded executable file, which is unique for BSD operating systems.

PC-BSD supports ZFS, and the installer offers disk encryption with geli so the system will require a passphrase before booting.