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Paz or PAZ may refer to:

  • Paz, female given Spanish name
  • Paz, Spanish surname of

Paz also means peace in Spanish Galician origin

Usage examples of "paz".

They were an affectionate couple, the man attentive and adoring, so that Paz had decided they were runaway lovers.

He waited to be sure that the policeman let Paz out and followed him to the street.

For ever after, Paz remembered her contempt and was humiliated by the memory.

Inez Cassidy was only thirty - ten years older than Paz - and considered very pretty, if not to say beautiful, by most of those who met her.

Angel Paz struck his cup with the spoon to produce a sound that summoned a waiter.

From the desk Paz got a handful of wooden pencils and fixed them round a tin, holding them with a strong rubber band.

Only Angel Paz was different: his heart was beating frantically and he could hardly maintain his calm demeanour.

Through the great door Paz could see the chapel and the desiccated remains of the first bishop displayed inside a fly-specked glass case.

So Lucas nodded to Angel Paz and gladly accepted the cold beer that Chori poured.

Chori with his technical abilities, gave Angel Paz a glow of contentment.

When they got to the south, where the MAMista army leaders were by now planning an assault upon the northern towns, Angel Paz would have a chance to make known his strategic views.

Thanks to his uncle Arturo - and his sleazy drug-dealing in Los Angeles - Paz had arrived here at exactly the right moment.

He avoided Angel Paz and Chori, who were drinking, eating and talking and seemed oblivious to the music.

Ever since Angel Paz could remember, Broadway had been a shabby street.

Luis said, although Paz had not complained about the stops they had made.