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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The policies they sell offer cash payouts in the event of injuries, disability or death sustained in a road crash.
▪ A cautious outlook from P&O's chairman Lord Sterling sent the stock dipping 5p to 663p despite the boosted interim dividend payout.
▪ Given this measure, dividends per share are determined by where is the target dividend payout ratio.
▪ Hotels-to-racing group Ladbroke's dramatically reduced profits did not unduly worry the City which approved of its increased dividend payout.
▪ Even Wellcome's healthy interim figures and an improved dividend payout left the stock 8p weaker at 883p.
▪ In addition they estimated the implied income tax brackets associated with each dividend payout level.
▪ Its strong profits rise and increased dividend payout had been anticipated by the City and the shares gained just a penny.
▪ The City was not too deterred by the rights issue which was offset by strong interim figures and an improved dividend payout.
▪ Most firms appear to have a target payout ratio of dividends to long-run reported earnings.
▪ Stocks with higher yields are more likely to have higher payout ratios.
▪ Given this measure, dividends per share are determined by where is the target dividend payout ratio.
▪ Apartments had an estimated 78. 1 percent payout ratio compared to 82. 8 percent last year.
▪ The management have confidence in future earnings growth and the maintenance of the target payout ratio. 2.
▪ The important result is that in an uncertain world companies like to maintain a stable payout ratio over the long run.
▪ A final dividend of 3p increases the total payout by 1p to 4.15p.
▪ A turnover of £1.5 billion a year would produce a weekly prize payout of £14 million with one top prize.
▪ But the bigger the risk, the bigger the payout.
▪ Cowboys received $ 8 million in payouts in sanctioned rodeos in 1995, but many still claim to have trouble covering expenses.
▪ Littlewoods expect the alterations will help them to make big payouts of as much as £2 million on a more regular basis.
▪ Most firms appear to have a target payout ratio of dividends to long-run reported earnings.
▪ Unit costs were down and cash flow up, providing a steady increase in the gainsharing payout to employees.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1904, from pay (v.) + out. Originally in reference to oil wells that produced enough to justify the expense of drilling them.


n. An amount of money pay out.

Usage examples of "payout".

So why was Phule out here working the slots, when he could undoubtedly sit in an easy chair sipping cold drinks and earn more money in half an hour from his businesses and investments than he was likely to win in the biggest payout these machines offered?

I met with them once and the payout was handled with me clear out of the picture.

Blind Moe seemed devoted only to the art of the numbers game, taking the bet, dropping the action and waiting for the payout to be handed over.

Casinos always make it a point to list the payout on the front of the slot machines, to remind the customer just how much he stands to win in the unlikely event of the symbols actually lining up right.

Then he saw what the payout was, and in spite of himself, he let out a low whistle.

You people have my word, three times the estimated book value with the payout in equal parts diamonds, bullion, and your choice of currency, though my people asked me to propose to you the option of paying the final third in dinar, for the obvious reasons of speed and convenience.

As the line continued its metered payout, he reflected that he was about to enter the zone of heaviest surveillance.

Every day he took the same route, past the drunks bungling round the DHS emergency payout place in Upper Woburn Place, then the Kosovans washing car windscreens while their women begged at the corner of Upper Woburn Place and the Euston Road, after that Eversholt Street past Transformations then more drunks at the start of Camden High Street.

Television drove her mad, the noise and fever and folly of a casino without a payout -- ever.

Considering the unknown outcomes of the research, this was a far more acceptable resolution to a questionable procedure than a one-time payout, which would have brought both Symbio and its government affiliations into the limelight.

Draper lost his job, but got a payout which will keep him in Lambray Brut for another decade.

The insurance company would like to know what its average payout is per policy written.

Yes, the price of a play was high, but the payouts were proportionate1y richer than anything else in the Fat Chance Casino.

Felipe excelled at playground basketball and was a solid enough player to work his way into the five-on-five rotation games that offered cash payouts to the winners.

The negotiations, the deal itself, and the cash payouts would have been handled outside his line of vision, probably by Gaspaldi the pimp.