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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Payn \Payn\, n. [OF. & F. pain, fr. L. panis bread.] Bread. Having
--Piers Plowman.


n. (context obsolete English) bread


Payn may refer to:

  • Graham Payn
  • John Payn (disambiguation)
  • James Payn
  • Richard Payn, MP for Shaftesbury (UK Parliament constituency)

Usage examples of "payn".

Pouring wine from a flagon into two pewter cups, he handed one to Payn and raised his own.

Tilting his head back, Payn swallowed the remainder of his wine, then glanced at Ranulf with a measure of slyness.

As if sensing his discomfort, Payn gave a guffaw of laughter and cuffed him on the back.

His knights had already begun taking control of the keep, but Ranulf summoned Payn FitzOsbern to confer about holding the entire garrison prisoner and rounding up the able-bodied male serfs for the remainder of the night, placing them under close guard.

She was almost grateful to be imprisoned in her own bedchamber, even if the mailed knight called Payn required her to lie on her bed and was now binding her hands and feet with a length of cord and securing the ends to the carved bedposts.

When he heard a throat being cleared beside him, he turned to find Payn regarding him closely, a smile of amused understanding curving his mouth beneath his steel helm.

But Ranulf and Payn had fostered together as boys in the same noble household in Normandy.

With reflexes honed by years of battle, he wheeled his destrier and charged the forest where the attackers were hidden, with Payn a single galloping stride behind him.

Ranulf dispatched an archer who had leveled his bow directly at him, while Payn plucked a rebel from a tree with his lance.

She would have been even more worried had she been privy to the conversation at the opposite end of the hall, where Ranulf was enduring a reproach from his chief vassal, Payn FitzOsbern.

Obviously, however, he did not trust her, for he ordered Payn to accompany her while she tended the wounded man.

Upon gathering her medications, she entered the chamber before Payn, who ordered the guards to wait outside.

When her ministrations were finished, Edric was carried to the dungeons by his guards, while Payn accompanied Ariane back to the great hall.

If he were wise, he would seriously attempt the seduction Payn had counseled.

It was his vassal, Payn, who came swiftly forward to lay a cautioning hand on his arm.