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n. (plural of paw English)

Paws (EP)

Paws is an EP released by Four Tet on 7 December 2001. It consists of remixes of works on his album Pause; the EP's name is a pun on the album's title.

Paws (Detroit Tigers)

Paws is the mascot of the Detroit Tigers. He is a tiger, dressed in a costume representing the Tigers, consisting of the team's jersey and hat.

Paws (film)

Paws is an independent 1997 Australian family film that was released on 25 September 1997 in Australia and filmed in Sydney, New South Wales.

The film stars 15-year-old guitarist Nathan Cavaleri who has adventures with PC - a talking Jack Russell Terrier (voiced by comedian Billy Connolly). The dog is computer literate- skills acquired from his former master allowing him to create a computer program that translates his words into English, with Zac subsequently designing a portable version that can be 'concealed' in a bow tie- and the pair must a stop a valuable disk from falling into bad hands.

Paws (Northeastern)

Paws or Paws, the Husky is the current mascot of the Northeastern University Huskies. Northeastern debuted the Siberian husky as the school's official mascot and school's nickname on March 4, 1927.

PAWS (band)

PAWS are a Scottish alternative rock band formed in Glasgow in 2010. The band consists of Phillip Taylor (Guitar/Vocals), Josh Swinney (Drums), and Ryan Drever (Bass Guitar). To date, they have released two studio albums on FatCat Records. According to the band's website, as of July 2015, they have completed the recording of their third studio album which was produced by Mark Hoppus of Blink 182 .

Usage examples of "paws".

Saxtus folded his paws into wide habit sleeves, gazing up at the main building.

He disappeared beneath a jumble of ferrets, weasels and rats as they pounded him mercilessly, stamping upon his paws and breaking his hold on the whip.

It was all that he could do, tied as he was by four paws between two thick wooden posts.

Felldoh immediately flung two more stones, then keeping his paws at his sides gazed around in amazement as if some other creature were doing the throwing.

His paws were deadened by the tight bonds, but his rage was aroused and his jaws were strong.

She was about to empty more rubble away when the soft thud of paws on sand reached her ears.

Brome and Grumm clasped their paws with Martin and Felldoh over the escape hole.

Felldoh, Martin and Brome baled with paws and oarblades, trying to splash the water over the sides.

Mice, a mole and two squirrels came pouring out of the lean to, tripping and falling into the confusion of paws, legs, ears and tails.

It was so catchy that the entire company, even Felldoh, clapped their paws in time with the lively melody.

They sat on the sand, shivering and hungry, their teeth chattering and paws trembling uncontrollably.

The friends were swept from the rock face and held dangling, their paws, tails and heads entangled in the snaring nets.

Immediately she was up on her paws, and despite her aching head she battered and tugged at the bars of her cage.

The young mouse swilled his face and paws, shaking away the droplets and drying off with a pawful of grass.

The Tyrant gave a gasp of surprise and threw up his paws, only to find that the beaker showered him not with drink but with dead leaves.