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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pawky \Paw"ky\, a. [Cf. AS. p[ae]cean to deceive.] Arch; cunning; sly. [Scot.]


a. (context Scotland northern British English) shrewd, sly; often also as characterised by a sarcastic sense of humour.

  1. adj. cunning and sly; "the pawky rich old lady who incessantly scores off her parasitical descendants"- Punch

  2. [also: pawkiest, pawkier]

Usage examples of "pawky".

She was a slight gray-haired woman with pawky blue eyes that made nothing of his extra inches of height.

After a lifetime in the pawky corridors of the Moon, Yoke couldn't get over the oceanic dimensions of Earth's atmosphere.

When I first met him I had been amused by his pawky humor but two years later, by the day Art died, I was heartily sick of his thunderous moods, his roughness, and his vile temper.