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n. (plural of pavement English)

Usage examples of "pavements".

I fancied my beautiful girl quite out of place in the rugged streets, and I thought there were more funerals passing along the dismal pavements than I had ever seen before.

For a wonder, there was no fog tonight, but the street lamps glistened on wet pavements, and vehicles as they rattled along sent mud-volleys to either side.

Adelaide Street was emptying out its customers, and pavements that had been deserted moments before were filled with a laughing, chanting urban tribe.

When she walked home from school on summer afternoons, the street was alive with children playing on the pavements, gossiping women and old men sitting outside front doors.

Because the pavements are always in shadow in my lunch hour, I never feel easy when I stray there, though tourists do not seem to mind.

Tostes to Yonville, without counting the plaster cure, who falling out of the coach at an over-severe jolt, had been dashed into a thousand fragments on the pavements of Quincampoix!

She stumbled into the street outside, her bleeding feet leaving red blotches on the wet slime of the cobbles, running, running in heart-bursting panic through the empty boulevards of the city that she now saw lay half in ruins, the silent pavements cluttered with rubble and new-stripped human bones.

You find representations of them in the most ancient prehistoric petroglyphs: vast pavements of black stone and, in the midst of them, stairs descending to the deepest heart of the earth.

And yet they had intelligence, the intelligence to sink shafts, to build these dark pavements at their heads and have them endure for millennia with very little appearance of decay.

There were refined trees along the way he walked, dainty pavements kept in good repair, and well-arranged gardens.

The streets were now settling into winter, there were drippings from gutterings, leaves spread themselves like wallpaper on the pavements and street lamps were fuzzy with mist.