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Etymology 1 n. (context cricket informal English) (short for pavilion English) Etymology 2

n. (context Australia New Zealand informal English) (short for pavlova English) Etymology 3

n. (context India English) bread.


PAV can stand for:

  • Personal Air Vehicle
  • Parallel Access Volumes
  • Parental Age Verification
  • Potential acquisition valuation method
  • Power Assist Vehicle
  • Air suction valve: also known as a PAV, Pulsed Air Valve
  • Perpetually Adding Value
  • Pressure Aging Vessel ageing methode of bituminous Materials (see EN 14.769)
  • Proportional approval voting
  • Permanent absentee voting

Pav can stand for:

  • Pavlova (food)
  • Pavo (constellation) (standard astronomical abbreviation)

Usage examples of "pav".

She would have thought that it radiated from Pav had it been possible for any human creature to sustain such an incredible force as that she was so fleetingly aware of.

No, Pav shall not see his bride again, and the white witch will be queen once more.

She whirled in quick terror, for surely now the witch would slay her with no more delay, before Pav could come near enough to prevent.

Romne and Pav in the semblance of reality to you, or kept the weight of the Dark from crushing your puny soul in the soft white flesh you call a body.

Darkness that is Pav and Romne, clearly and visibly, so that you might understand what manner of lover I had.

Manda and Pav were gone, and she knew that eventually the pain of that loss would catch up with her.

A figure had stepped out of the shadow of one of the pav and coming nearer, bowed low.

And I lived in that solitude, with nurses and then with tutors he selected, until I was of an age to be sent to Pav for warrior training.

Andas, from his days at Pav, recognized the technique practiced in survival course, though by the looks of her she played no training game but lived life on the thin edge of survival in truth.

And when Andas had been drawn into the life of the court, he had shortly thereafter gone to Pav for warrior training, again a world without women.

Instead, he threw it in a way he had learned at Pav from a mountaineer of the Umbangai.

Pav D'armon's voice murmured from one of the two comlinks fastened to Shada's collar.