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Pauwels is a Flemish patronymic surname derived from the personal name Pauwel, a vernacular form of Paul. It is listed as one of "the 100 most common Belgian family names in 2001 by region": 12th position in Belgium and specifically Flanders. It may refer to:

  • 12761 Pauwels, main belt asteroid
  • Pauwels van Hillegaert (1596–1640), Dutch painter
  • Eddy Pauwels (born 1935), former Belgian racing cyclist
  • Ivo Pauwels (born 1950), Belgian author
  • Kevin Pauwels (born 1984), Belgian racing cyclist
  • Louis Pauwels (1920–1997), Belgian-French journalist and writer
  • Luc Pauwels (born 1940), Belgian political scientist and Professor of Communication Studies
  • Peter-Frans Pauwels (born 1965), Dutch entrepreneur
  • Rudi Pauwels (born 1960), Belgian pharmacologist
  • Serge Pauwels (born 1983), Belgian road bicycle racer for UCI ProTeam Omega Pharma-Quick Step.
  • Thierry Pauwels (born 1957), Belgian astronomer