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Usage examples of "paut".

If you are with the Paut Neteru, you should have a shrine, at the very least.

Under the remarkably placid smile on the face of the severed head of Teobaldo, which had been set in a niche high in the wall, the clown Horrabin and Doctor Romany stared into the coffin-sized tub of dimly glowing paut in which the drops of blood had blackened, solidified, sunk to the mid-level and were now beginning to sprout networks of fine red webs, connecting one to another.

So, two nights before we left for Florida, I scheduled the base auditorium for the evening and assembled the Team- I put Paut and Command Master Chief Mac outside the doors to keep interlopers away.

Why would he rather be out with Bastet looking at flowers and fluffy kittens when here was Hathor, the most beautiful goddess in the Paut Neteru, to be his wife?

Lady Rayet will help him secure his position as leader of the Paut Neteru.

God Amon, Great Creator of the All, most fitting king of the Paut Neteru.

Most of the members of the Paut Neteru had gathered without Ra to lead their number, as he always did.