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Păun (meaning "peacock") may refer to:

  • Păun, a village in Mihălăşeni Commune, Botoşani County, Romania
  • Păun, a village in Bârnova Commune, Iaşi County, Romania
  • Păun (surname), Romanian
  • Romanian given name
    • Păun Otiman
Păun (surname)

The Romanian-language surname Păun (meaning "peacock") may refer to:

  • Emilian Galaicu-Păun
  • Gabriel Badea-Päun
  • Georgian Păun
  • Gheorghe Păun
  • Ion Păun
  • Ion Păun-Pincio
  • Nicolae Păun
  • Paul Păun, Romanian and Israeli avant-garde poet and visual artist
  • Vasile Păun

Usage examples of "paun".

Claws reached down to secure a grip on the causeway, and the great Roc clung there long enough for Triss to toss Wren like a sack of feathers to Tiger Ty and follow her up, for Paun to scurry after, and even for Stresa to be hauled aboard.