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Usage examples of "paume".

On either side loomed the Jeu de Paume and the Orangerie, ahead the neat rows of chestnut trees, fountains, and a riot of statues.

While the soaring height and massive sculpture of the ground floor took her breath away, it was the smaller alcoves housing the paintings from the Jeu de Paume collection that held her captive.

They were the cards which Tanz himself had selected during his visit to the collection of Impressionists in the Jeu de Paume the day before.

Our visit to the Impressionists in the Jeu de Paume was an event in itself.

Except five persons,--Poupart, my grandfather, Mollot, Sinot, and I,--all present swore, as at the Jeu de Paume, to employ every means to promote the triumph of Simon Giguet, of whom I have made a mortal enemy.

Quando avevo dieci anni, ero solita farmi un'affacciata al Jeu de Paume a Parigi.