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Paulo is Portuguese masculine given name equivalent to English Paul. It may refer to:


  • Paulo Bolanos Dancer. Freelance Model. Facebook:
  • Paulo Jr.
  • Paulo Jr. (footballer)
  • Paulo Almeida, Brazilian footballer
  • Paulo André Cren Benini, (born 1983), Brazilian football defender
  • Paulo de Carvalho (born 1947), Portuguese Singer/Songwriter and actor
  • Paulo Coelho (born 1947), Brazilian lyricist and novelist
  • Paulo Fernando Craveiro, Brazilian author
  • Paulo Freire (1921-1997), Brazilian educator and philosopher
  • Paulo R. Holvorcem, Brazilian amateur astronomer, a prolific discoverer of asteroids
  • Paulo Jorge (disambiguation)
  • Paulo Kanoa (1802–1885), Governor of Kauaʻi
  • Paulo P. Kanoa (1832–1895), Governor of Kauaʻi
  • Paulo Miklos (born 1959), Brazilian multi-instrumentalist, musician and actor
  • Paulo Antonio de Oliveira (born 1982), a Brazilian football striker
  • Paulo Orlando (born 1985), Brazilian-born Major League Baseball player
  • Paulo Ribenboim, (born 1928) is a Brazilian-born mathematician who specializes in number theory
  • Paulo Rogério da Silva (born 1970), also known as Gero Camilo, Brazilian actor, director, poet and musician
  • Paulo Santos, several people

Other uses:

  • São Paulo, city of Brazil
  • An alternative name used in Australia for wine made from the Palomino grape

Usage examples of "paulo".

Sao Paulo, by air and by transport on the multi-decked highways, then on antique diesel trains to Itapira, by aviadores river runners to Bahus and by airtruck to Registo and Leopoldina on the Araguaya.

Pomar, the younger priest, did quietly recall the occasion when the Archbishop of Sao Paulo had ordered notices pinned to the church doors throughout his archdiocese denouncing the torturing of priests and lay workers by the security police.

Professor Umberto Alcazar-Diaz, visiting professor of astrogeology at the University of Sao Paulo, director general of Site A, and, not incidentally, also a research fellow at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in Houston, had just taken off his glasses and settled back for a nap.

Its airport, always vital since the founding of the national airline decades before, was as grand and modern as any in the western world and was the main port of entry for foreign airliners, almost as if Brazil were intent on reminding all its visitors that there was more to the country than Rio and Sao Paulo.

The Sao Paulo was about to dock with the Rio, and no one wanted to take any chances with contamination.

Once the decontamination run was over, the Rio was supposed to put the Sao Paulo into a destructive reentry trajectory, then fly back to the Cruzeiro do Sul.

The Bagobos had reasons to fear reprisals, you see, and Paulo took no chances.

From Curitiba, she flew to Sao Paulo, where she boarded an Aerolineas Argentinas flight to Buenos Aires, nonstop.

Paulo would pick her up in a black BMW 740iL, his business car, with his smooth-faced business driver.

She spent a bad night in Coalinga, rolling around in a king-sized bed, thinking about old friends and Paulo and wishing she still smoked.

And, she conceded with just a hint of sourness, Paulo d'Arezzo's, too, if she counted the electronic warfare subsection.

His successor, Dom Manuel, took up the matter warmly, and sent these ships out under Vasco da Gama and his brother Paulo, with orders to try and double the Cape of Good Hope.

We now have cities, like Mexico City, Silo Paulo, Calcutta, with populations climbing toward the twenty million mark and threatening to go higher still.

I remember reading once how some Stone Age Indians from the Brazilian rain forest with no knowledge or expectation of a world beyond the jungle were taken to Sao Paulo or Rio, and when they saw what it contained-- the buildings, the cars, the passing airplanes--and how thoroughly at variance it was with their own simple lives, they wet themselves, lavishly and in unison.

Rodriguez, people's deputy for a safe seat in Sao Paulo, had a wide sallow face and just enough epicanthic fold to bring in the expatriate vote.