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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Paulin \Pau"lin\, n. (Naut.) See Tarpaulin.


n. (context nautical English) A tarpaulin.

Paulin (name)

Paulin is a French masculine given name and surname.

Usage examples of "paulin".

Father Paulin was not present earlier today, he was not privy to the exchange in which the temporary nature of my vows was discussed.

For his Truth-Reading ability also told him that Jerowen was telling the truth and the sanctimonious Paulin of Ramos was not.

Rhys Michael could reply, or Paulin could ask him to, the doors at the other end of the room parted to readmit Robear, one hand firmly on the elbow of a reluctant and frightened-looking Oriel.

Marcus had gone a little pale as Javan spoke, and he glanced nervously at Oriel and then at Paulin before replying.

He swung his gaze at last to Paulin, simmering in his chair near the other end of the table.

While Paulin stewed, Albertus coldly reconvened the Council by the proper formula, acknowledging Javan as king, and all the members of the Council present tendered their resignations as was customary-which resignations Javan neither accepted nor declined for the moment, though he longed to dismiss Paulin and Albertus then and there, preferably into the hands of an executioner, not that he dared to do so.

Javan did not want to end up with any of them on his Council, though he supposed he could live with Paulin and Albertus for a time, if he must, judging it better to have them where he knew what they were doing rather than off plotting and scheming behind his back.

Manfred, obviously aware of the implications of such a match, but Paulin only shook his head.

Order while securing his throne, and it rankled-but keeping Paulin and Albertus totally on their guard would only make things more difficult.

He tried not to think about the rest of the day-about keeping an even temper as he dealt with Hubert and Oriss, and probably Paulin and Albertus as well, down at the cathedral.

He dared not address the question in front of Paulin, but he was going to find out before he left this garden.

After a few seconds, retreating footsteps on the gravel behind told of Paulin and Charlan departing.

Javan darted another look at the priest, then drew him into the shade of a flowering tree-and also somewhat screened from observation from the windows of the great hall, where he was nearly certain Paulin would be watching.

Javan had feared, though Paulin seemed distinctly annoyed that the king had not brought his new chaplain with him.

Both Paulin and Albertus stayed rather longer, the former obviously fishing for further information on the condition of Father Faelan, wondering how much Javan knew.