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Pauk is a town in Pauk Township, Pakokku District, Magway Region, in north-west Myanmar. It is the administrative center for Pauk Township. Pauk is located on the western bank of the Kyaw River just above its intersection with the Yaw River.

The current town was founded in 1840. The local airport ICAO designation is VYPK ( IATA code: PAU).

Pauk (disambiguation)

Pauk may refer to:


  • György Pauk (born 1936), Hungarian violinist
  • Ke Pauk (born 1934), one of the senior leaders of the Khmer Rouge
  • Walter Pauk, Cornell University's reading and study center director and author of the best-selling How To Study In College


  • Pauk, town in Pauk Township, Pakokku District, Magway Division, in northwest Burma (Myanmar)
  • Pauk Township, township of Pakokku District in Magway Division of Burma (Myanmar)
  • Pauk Airport (IATA: PAU, ICAO: VYPK), located in Burma near Pauk


  • Pauk class corvette, the NATO reporting name for a class of small patrol corvettes built for the Soviet Navy between 1977 and 1989

Usage examples of "pauk".

Amin Lim had once gone into pauk herself, under guidance, the fright of seeing her father again had been enough for her.

That night, he patted his children, settled his modest anatomy beside the slumbrous bulk of his wife, and prepared his mind for pauk.

Those of the living who communed through pauk were not reproved but comforted.

As her breath became as regular as a balmy breeze over the autumn valleys of Kuj-fuvec, Odim gathered together his inner resources and underwent that small death which forms the entrance gate to pauk.