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n. (plural of pattern English)

Patterns (film)

Patterns is a 1956 film directed by Fielder Cook and starring Van Heflin, Everett Sloane, and Ed Begley. The screenplay by Rod Serling was an adaptation of his teleplay Patterns originally telecast January 12, 1955 on the Kraft Television Theatre, which starred Sloane, Begley and Richard Kiley.

Patterns (Kraft Television Theatre)

Patterns was the first major breakthrough of Rod Serling when the live television drama received critical acclaim as the January 12, 1955 installment of the anthology series Kraft Television Theatre.

Directed by Fielder Cook, the intense big-business drama starred Richard Kiley as up-and-coming vice-president Fred Staples. Ruthless corporate boss Walter Ramsie ( Everett Sloane) attempts to edge out aging employee Andy Sloane ( Ed Begley) to make room for newcomer Staples. Ramsie uses every opportunity to humiliate the fragile Sloane, while Staples sees Sloane as a professional who makes valuable contributions to the firm.

Serling's celebrated script tore apart the dynamics of the business world and earned Serling his first of his six Emmys for dramatic writing. There was a rave review from Jack Gould of The New York Times who suggested it be repeated:

Nothing in months has excited the television industry as much as the Kraft Television Theatre's production of Patterns, an original play by Rod Serling. The enthusiasm is justified. In writing, acting and direction, Patterns will stand as one of the high points in the TV medium's evolution. Patterns is a play with one point of view toward the fiercely competitive world of big business and is bound to be compared with the current motion picture Executive Suite. By comparison, Executive Suite might be Babes in Toyland without a score. For sheer power of narrative, forcefulness of characterization and brilliant climax, Mr. Serling's work is a creative triumph that can stand on its own. In one of those inspired moments that make the theater the wonder that it is, Patterns was an evening that belonged to the many, not only to Mr. Serling. The performances of Everett Sloane, Ed Begley and Richard Kiley were truly superb. The production and direction of Fielder Cook constituted a fluid use of video's artistic tools that underscore how little the TV artistic horizons really have been explored. Patterns was seen from 9 to 10pm Wednesday over the National Broadcasting Company's network; a repeat performance at an early date should be mandatory.

Gould's request for a repeat was an unusual suggestion, since in that pre-videotape era, live shows were not repeated. Surprisingly, NBC took Gould's suggestion seriously and made plans for another production.

Patterns (song)

"Patterns" is a song written by Paul Simon and included on his 1965 album The Paul Simon Songbook, and later recorded by Simon and Garfunkel on their third album, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme. The lyrics are about how life is a labyrinthine maze, following patterns that are difficult to unravel or control although we are trapped in them.

Warrel Dane included a heavy metal cover of the song on his 2008 album Praises to the War Machine.

Patterns (EP)

Patterns is a 3-song EP by Long Beach, California band, Repeater. This EP was produced and mixed by Ross Robinson ( At The Drive-In, Korn, The Cure) and mastered by Alan Douches. It has been well-received by reviewers.

Patterns (album)

Patterns is an album by jazz vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson, released on the Blue Note label. Although recorded in 1968, the album was not released until 1980. "A Time to Go" was composed by James Spaulding as a tribute to Martin Luther King, "Effi" was composed by Stanley Cowell as a dedication to his wife, and the remaining pieces were composed by Joe Chambers.

Patterns (video game)

Patterns is a sandbox-style building game and 3D space published by San Francisco-based Linden Lab, which had previously been known primarily as the creator of the online virtual world Second Life. The PC product, which is currently distributed via the website, continues the company’s positioning as a maker of "shared creative spaces" that favor open-ended content creation and sharing over traditional goal-oriented gaming.

Usage examples of "patterns".

We only need to make it conscious, to live our lives as co-workers within the intrinsic, natural law or patterns of the Creator.

The panorama experienced through our physical senses, which we call the material world, as well as our individual minds and other aspects of our being, are all manifested patterns formed by a greater Mind the Universal or Formative Mind.

The forces that shape our lives and our destinies, the coincidences and the patterns - are these all without rhyme or reason?

By merging with the flow of life, by tuning into the patterns of our destiny and the rhythms of nature, we are able to rise above the constraining forces of our logical intellect.

And this tapestry involves all the inward and outward aspects of our lives, as well as the patterns of the centuries and the millennia.

Faith that the same patterns will continue to revolve, shifting emphasis, but in essence the same.

But by moving out from the confines of our egocentric limitations, we see, more and more, the Great Power at work and realize our own incapacity to alter the primal patterns of creation, even in the manifestation of one subatomic particle.

It may describe their sense organs and maybe even some of their behavioural patterns, but rarely, if at all, will the author encourage you to try and understand what it might be like actually to be one of these creatures.

Their awareness of their own life and existence is through their sensory input, their outward motor activity and their inward instinctive and learnt mental patterns, which we observe outwardly as their behaviour.

So energy as we know it, is only the patterns spun across the face of the Universal Consciousness by the greater Mind, in all its aspects.

We perceive this energy as related patterns, spun across the face of the One by the machinations of the Mind.

Mind patterns, but our understanding of energy needs to be pushed a little further than present conventional scientific paradigms permit!

Universal Mind is the Golden Egg, the Golden Womb - the Womb of all lower wombs, the primal pattern-maker whence all other patterns are derived.

Our personal mind, being a part of the greater Mind, unconsciously reads the patterns of its own inward nature and structure - both within itself as well as in the physical universe it considers to be without.

It refers to the fact that Mind is the former of all patterns, of all diversity, of all actions and activity, of all multiplicity in our sensory world, as well as in personal experience of our individual mind.