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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Patten \Pat"ten\, n. [F. patin a high-heeled shoe, fr. patte paw, foot. Cf. Panton, Patt['e].]

  1. A clog or sole of wood, usually supported by an iron ring, worn to raise the feet from the wet or the mud.

    The patten now supports each frugal dame.

  2. A stilt. [Prov. Eng.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., from Old French patin "clog, type of shoe" (13c.), probably from pate "paw, foot," from Gallo-Roman *pauta, ultimately perhaps imitative of the sound made by a paw. The immediate source has been sought in Celtic [Barnhart] and Germanic [OED], but evidence is wanting. Likely cognates include Provençal pauta, Catalan pote, Middle Dutch and Dutch poot, German Pfote "paw."


n. 1 Any of various types of footwear with thick soles, often used to elevate the foot, especially wooden clogs. 2 (context UK dialect obsolete English) A stilt.


n. footwear usually with wooden soles [syn: clog, geta, sabot]


Patten may refer to:

  • Patten (surname)
  • Patten, Maine, a town in the United States
  • patten (band), London-based group signed to Warp Records
  • Patten (shoe), medieval footwear similar to clogs
  • Patten University, Christian liberal arts university in Oakland, California, United States
Patten (shoe)

Pattens are protective overshoes that were worn in Europe from the Middle Ages until the early 20th century. Pattens were worn outdoors over a normal shoe, had a wooden or later wood and metal sole, and were held in place by leather or cloth bands. Pattens functioned to elevate the foot above the mud and dirt (including human effluent and animal dung) of the street, in a period when road and urban paving was minimal.

Patten (band)

patten is a future-facing experimental duo based in London, UK.

Usage examples of "patten".

Van Patten asks, absently studying the question scrawled on his napkin.

He notices that Van Patten is idly doodling something on the back of a napkin.

I bump into McDermott and Van Patten, who start begging me for more drink tickets.

Van Patten on his third six-pack of Fosters or is he still, like, working on his first?

PR operatives, hangers-on and sub-celebrities Robert Culp and Vince Van Patten were perhaps the most dazzling stars in this pastel galaxy listened to the speeches, applauded zestlessly, and returned to their lite beers and tea-time vodka-tonics.

John Patten, the junior Health Minister, was quick to dismiss any fears of official panic or overkill.

Now he was bearing the sacred chalice and patten, while before him, somber and pale, Murzuflos paced, carrying a lighted lantern in the brightness of noon.

Ladies with metal patten rings on their feet made clinking sounds on the pavement, while gentlemen kept their umbrellas tucked tightly beneath their arms and cast furtive glances at the blanket of clouds overhead.

MAJOR-GENERAL BURNSIDE George Patten says he was a classmate of yours and was in the same regiment of artillery.

Finally, on the floor lies a pair of wooden pattens, a form of thick-soled clog which shows that the Arnolfinis could afford to rise above the mud of the city streets.

William Hutton served his apprenticeship in the silk mills of Derby wearing pattens on his feet because he was too small to reach the machinery.

Mousmes and elderly ladies pass, tucked up, muddy, laughing nevertheless under their paper umbrellas, exchanging greetings, clacking their wooden pattens on the stone pavement.

They looked to see issue some sailor seized for whistling of a Sabbath, some profane peasant who had presumed to wear pattens in church, some profaner peasant who had not doffed his hat to the Connetable, or some slip-shod militiaman who had gone to parade in his sabots, thereby offending the red-robed dignity of the Royal Court.

The well was cleaned out in later times, and nothing was found but a pair of curious pattens, cut away to receive a high-heeled shoe, also a mazer-bowl, an iron flesh-hook and small cooking-pot, and a multitude of pins, thrown in to make the curious reverberating sound when, after several seconds, they reached the water.

Micah, it is a strange thing to feel that the whole world for you, your hopes, your ambitions, your all, are gathered into so small a compass that a hood might cover it, and two little pattens support it.