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abbr. (context knitting English) pattern

Patt (disambiguation)

Patt may refer to:

  • Iddo Patt, filmmaker and television advertiser
  • Yale Nance Patt, American professor of electrical and computer engineering
  • Party All the Time, a song sometimes referred to as "PATT"
  • Trentino Tyrolean Autonomist Party (Partito Autonomista Trentino Tirolese)

Usage examples of "patt".

Alex Volpone reflected on the whirlwind events which had buffeted his life since his last meeting with Patt, Stillworth, and the others.

Eyeing Volpone and Stillworth speculatively as he turned toward the door, Patt departed with a curt nod.

The first day, Chiura had wrinkled up her face and spat out the gritty patt and bean paste Jana rolled for her.

Jana said firmly, but she tore her rolled patt in half and slipped it to Chiura when nobody -was looking.

Kheti -would have fussed about bad food and dirt, would have made her -wash the -wounds and choke down nauseating stews of the -weeds growing on Anyag's mountainous slag heap to supplement the unvarying diet of patts and bean paste.