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n. (plural of pat English)


Pats, Päts or PATS can mean:

Usage examples of "pats".

It was crowded, with four Pats, two Dannermans, two Docs, the Dopey, the deputy director and a couple of his interrogators-and eleven, count ‘em, eleven guards in and outside the house, plus about half a dozen maids, cooks and cleaners.

While the other Dannerman and one of the other Pats were already sound asleep in a shared seat, the man’s arm lovingly around the woman.

Before the steaks came-half-kilo steaks, beautifully marbled, still sizzling as the stew set them down the three Pats and the recently arrived Dannerman (the other one had taken off for the deputy director’s private office as soon as they were in the air) had finished the salad, every scrap, as well as the quarter-liter glasses of milk she kept refilling for them.

Why, for that matter, were Dannerman and Hilda and the two Pats allowed to enter in their inevitably germ-laden clothes, exhaling their germ-laden breaths, maskless, into the pure air of the operating room?

Evergood was incredulously holding some coppery thing in the folds of a surgical cloth, and the two Pats were looking astonished and-well, yes, there was no other word for it looking terrified.

Flushed with the wine, enjoying playing her cloak-and-dagger part, she thought of the three other Pats who had been passed over.

It was what the other Pats and the other Dannerman knew, those little facts about their captivity somewhere in space that the Bureau was not prepared to share, just yet, with the rest of the world.

When this Brigadier Morrissey said they would be set free she hadn’t mentioned that they would have a Bureau agent keeping them company, three shifts of agents for each of the Pats and for Rosaleen as well, night and day.

He was already glum about Pat coming back-about so many Pats coming back-and reducing him once more to second-in-command (or fifth!

She was willing to do what the Pats told her to, especially because it was what the government wanted, but she warned that it better not last longer than a week or so because her vacation was coming up and she wasn’t going to miss out on her cruise to the Amazon and Rio de Janeiro .

Time was when one real bathroom and a closet-sized half bath for guests seemed perfectly adequate in the apartment, but that was before the new Pats and the Ukrainian visitor had come to share it.

And, as with the Dannerman and the Pats, she would never know it had happened.

When Dannerman turned he saw the two Pats, returned from the washroom, but they didn’t enter right away.

It was certainly enough to relieve all four Pats from financial worries forever, and for Pat Five’s unborn triplets and all their descendants as well.

According to gossip of the Pats he had harped incessantly on the sexual wisdom of his great ancient ancestor, some two-thousand-year-old sage named Peng-tsu, though none of them would admit to having experienced any of Lin’s expertise for themselves.