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n. (plural of patrician English)

Usage examples of "patricians".

Centuriate to return consuls and praetors first, then the full gamut of patricians and plebeians in the Popular Assembly to return the more minor magistrates, and finally the tribes in the Plebeian Assembly, which restricted its activities to the election of plebeian aediles and tribunes of the plebs.

Perhaps, Calvinus reflected, it takes one of the very old patricians to appreciate the duties Rome owes her provinces.

Caesar needed all the old patricians he could find to dignify his cause.

People had not consented because all patricians were excluded from the Plebeian Assembly.

Originally an advisory council of 100 patricians under the Kings, it expanded to 300 patricians when the Republic began.

This new honor Sulla was providing for patricians was just one more way in which Sulla was saying that the patrician was special, due more honors than the richest and most powerful plebeian of a consular family.

No one understood better than Cicero, who was a New Man, and envied patricians like Messala Niger and Sulla very much.

Alongside it grew two extremely ancient myrtle trees, one for the patricians and one for the plebeians.

Though your grandfather would have said that the union of two patricians is fraught with peril in childbirth.

So a man wanting a special commission will have to go to the People, and by the People I do not mean patricians and plebeians combined.

By the last century of the Republic, a patrician or a plebeian could be consul, though never two patricians together.

Thus Caesar stood with his fellow patricians on the Curia Hostilia steps, as close to the Plebs in session as he was permitted to go.

Caesar had filled the special seating on the great wide steps of the temple with patricians, doing special honor to the Claudii Pulchri, so intimately connected to the presence of Magna Mater in Rome.

Caesar stood surrounded by delighted patricians, accepting their fulsome compliments for his taste and imagination.

Other Roman patricians had conspired to kill close relatives, including Catilina, who had murdered his own son.