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Patreus ( Ancient Greek: Πατρεύς; Modern Greek: Πατρέας, Patreas) is a mythical person, founder of the city of Patras, Greece. According to the myth, he was the son of Preugenes and ninth descendant of Lacedaemon, the founder of Sparta. Patreus was the leader of the Achaean who came from Sparta, after the renowned Dorian Invasion. The Ionians that occupied the region, since were forced to leave their settlements and refuge to Attica and Ionia on the western coast of Asia Minor. It was then that Patreus was crowned King of Aroe, one of the small city-states that lay in the region. Always according to the myth, under Patreus' reign, was unified with two other neighbouring cities, Messatis and Antheia. The new united city was named "Patras" ( ancient greek: "Πάτραι"), after Patreus, its mythical founder. His tomb was shown in the city's marketplace, next to the statue of Athena.