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Tuck jittered about nervously, fretting about Danner and Tarpy and Patrel and all of his other squadmates, wondering if they were safe and if they had seen any Wolves or Vulg sign or had found any Vulg lairs.

At a nod from Patrel, Tuck and his companions, who also were finished with their farewells, urged the ponies forward.

Tarpy to Patrel as the Warrows slogged through the snow, now calf-deep, leading the ponies and giving the animals a respite.

Motioning Tuck and Danner to the left and Tarpy and Hob to the right, Patrel stepped toward the porch.

Danner went around to the left of the house and Tarpy and Hob to the right, while Patrel stepped through the front door.

Into the house they went just as Patrel, already in the kitchen, managed to light a lamp.

Tuck found one more lamp and lit it, Patrel propped the kitchen door in its jamb, for the most part sealing out the wind and snow.

Hob in the lead with Tarpy shivering beside him, Danner and Patrel glaring at one another, and Tuck bringing up the rear.

On, too, came the dire Vulgs, but Patrel let fly and struck one a glancing blow on a foreleg, and its yipping howl caused the others to sheer off the attack.

And when it was done, in a clear voice that rose into the sky, Patrel sang this verse.

Tuck, Danner, Tarpy, and Patrel trudged into the Thornwalker encampment set in the fringes of the Spindlethorn Barrier at Spindle Ford.

A substantial following was tagging along by the time Patrel and the others stepped through the rough-cut door and into the headquarters.

Danner grumbling and Tuck and Tarpy yawning great gaping yawns, Patrel led them to a common washtrough where they broke through the thin layer of ice to splash frigid water on their faces.

And when Patrel came to the end of the account, Tuck noted that he and Danner, Tarpy, and Patrel, were being eyed with a high respect akin to awe.

Tuck, Danner, Tarpy, and Patrel himself riding double with other Warrows of the squad.