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n. (plural of patient English)

Usage examples of "patients".

So does that mean something happened between the time the patients left the ambulance and when they arrived upstairs?

Then she wrote down the names of patients who had delivered babies with low Apgar scores in the past six months.

There were eight Birth Center patients in the last two months alone who had low Apgar scores, and all of them, according to the computer at least, belonged to Dr.

She also always found it oddly incongruous that the sickest patients had the most beautiful views.

I have to get the other obstetricians to bring their patients back here, and I have to convince the cardiologists that they need us as much as we need them.

The center would cease to exist, the patients would return to her maternity unit, and the hospital would have enough money to keep both departments open.

John Vincent and his cardiac arrest and her promise to Heidi to find some way to get the obstetricians to bring their low-risk patients back to Berkeley Hills Hospital.

There were three obstetricians who delivered most of their patients at the Birth Center.

If she can do that, then all the obstetricians will bring their patients back here and force me to shut the Birth Center down.

The obstetricians would keep delivering their patients over there and exposing them to what could turn out to be a fatal ambulance ride.

Acknowledgments I would like to thank my patients for teaching me about courage.

He was not a physician, but he cared about patients as much as she did.

One in every five labor patients gets transferred out of the Birth Center!

Rae, knowing that patients faced with terrible news will say just about anything, continued.

Two weeks to convince her colleagues to deliver all of their patients at the hospital?