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patient zero

n. The initial patient in the population of an epidemiological investigation.

Patient zero

Patient zero may refer to:

  • In medical science, the index case or initial patient in the population of an epidemiological investigation
    • Gaëtan Dugas, alleged “patient zero” of AIDS in North America
  • Patient Zero: A Joe Ledger Novel, by Jonathan Maberry
  • "Patient Zero", a song from the album Infected by the metal band HammerFall
  • "Patient Zero" (The Outer Limits), a 2001 television episode
  • Patient Zero (audio drama), based on the television series Doctor Who
  • Patient Zero (film), a 2016 film
  • Patient Zero, a demoscene production by Farbrausch
  • "Patient Zero", the last part of the video game Trauma Team
Patient Zero (The Outer Limits)

"Patient Zero" is an episode of The Outer Limits television show. It first aired on 23 March 2001, during the seventh season.

Patient Zero (audio drama)

Patient Zero is a Big Finish Productions audio drama based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who.

Patient Zero (film)

Patient Zero, previously known as Patient Z, is an upcoming American-British fantasy- horror thriller film directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky and written by Mike Le. The film stars Matt Smith, Natalie Dormer, Stanley Tucci, Cali Chambliss and Clive Standen. Filming began on March 3, 2015 in London. Screen Gems will release the film sometime in 2017.

Usage examples of "patient zero".

On the other side of the lab, a technician was running a test on blood drawn from the wife of Patient Zero.