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Pati may refer to:

  • Pati, Barwani, in India
  • Pati (title), an honorific
  • Pati Regency, Indonesia
  • Pati River, in Brazil
  • Patricia, a given name
Pati (title)

Pati ( Hindustani: पति, پتی) is a title meaning " master" or " lord" in various Indo-Iranian languages, including Sanskrit, Hindustani, Old Persian language and Avestan. The feminine equivalent in Indo-Aryan languages is patni (literally, "mistress" or "lady"). The term pati is frequently used as a suffix, e.g. lakhpati (meaning, master of a lakh rupees). In modern-day Hindustani and other Indian, Nepalese and Bangladeshi languages, pati and patni have taken on the meanings of husband and wife respectively when used as standalone words.

Pati is also a surname of the Oriya Brahmin community. A person of the state of Odisha, India with the surname Pati is likely to be a Brahmin, and similarly for the names Padhi, Senapati, Pani, Panigrahi, among others.