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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Aeneas is the pater, the ancestor, the proto-Roman.
▪ Ever since the pater told her you might be going to marry Cora-Beth, she's been determined to win you back.
▪ I can tell you one thing - the pater won't give you his blessing.
▪ I just don't want you having to face the pater only to find that she didn't mean half she said.
▪ If Pickles really does love you, maybe the pater would give her a decent allowance and you'd manage somehow.
▪ The pater was saying something to that effect only the other day.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

n. (context formal English) father


n. an informal term for a father; probably derived from baby talk [syn: dad, dada, daddy, pa, papa, pappa, pop]


Pater may refer to:

as the Latin for " father"
  • a title given to a father deity
    • Dis Pater, a Roman and Celtic god of the underworld, later subsumed by Pluto or Jupiter
    • God the Father in Christianity
  • a title or honorific applied to a male community leader
    • a honorific for ordained Catholic priests
    • Pater familias
    • Pater Patriae
as a surname:
  • Grzegorz Pater (born 1974), Polish soccer player
  • Jean-Baptiste Pater (1695-1736), French painter
  • Walter Pater (1839-1893), English essayist, critic and humanist
in popular culture
  • Pater (film), a 2011 French film
  • Pater Moeskroen, Dutch Folkband
  • Stade Pater Te Hono Nui, a stadium/sports complex in Pirae, Tahiti
Pater (film)

Pater is a 2011 French drama film directed by Alain Cavalier. It premiered In Competition on 17 May at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.

Usage examples of "pater".

Unus igitur deus pater, quemadmodum ostendimus, et unus Christus Iesus domiuns noster, veniens per universam dispositionem et omnia in semelipsum recapitulans.

De pater zag er ook ouder uit, maar niet zo oud als hij in werkelijkheid was.

De pater keek naar de kust in de laagte, naar de rotsen die zich glanzend in het maanlicht verhieven en naar de branding bij het strand.

Domine sancte, Pater omnipotens, aeterne Deus, qui omnia ex nihilo creasti.

This geographical distinction gave Ulus an advantage of sorts in the empire, and the Senate and Imperial Pater Patriae were more than willing to concede a bit in their policies, if only to keep the Khahl placated and pleased in their partnership.

Reverendus Pater Ricardus Bell quondam Episcopus Karleolensis qui ab hac luce migravit videlicet vicesimo Quarto die .

Sathana conflatum prestigiosa et dyabolica arte, quare pater meus confregit illud in duas partes, quas quidem ego Johannes de Vinceto salvas servavi et adaptavi sicut apparet die lune proximo post festum beate Marie Virginis anni gratie MCCCCXLV.

The bloated Nobilissimus from Apamea in southern Torach had sent his heralds to Mongo to announce his arrival that afternoon like he was the damn rotted Pater Patriae, or emperor, himself.

Op een middag deed pater Edward Behr hem dicht om broeder Sandoz ongestoord te laten rusten terwijl de gang werd schoongemaakt, ook al had de staf van Salvator Mundi er uitdrukkelijk op gewezen dat de deur open moest blijven.

Boethius, Cassiodorus Pater and Filius, myself and other marshals, nobles and officials of every degree were continually being accused by Theodoric of having misheard his orders, misread his decrees or misinterpreted his intentions.

Ze leek het niet erg te vinden dat ze de enige niet-katholiek aan boord was en ze toonde begrip voor de eigenaardigheden van de paters, ook al was ze aangestoken door Annes oneerbiedige houding.

Like his master Pater and all the aesthetes, his real quarrel with life is that it is not a dream that can be moulded by the dreamer.

Of which orisons, certes in the orison of the Pater noster hath our Lord Jesus Christ enclosed most things.

With bowed heads and steel caps in hand, the archers stood at their horse's heads, while Sir Simon Burley repeated the Pater, the Ave, and the Credo.

Februus was probably the Etruscan god who corresponded to Dis Pater.