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Patel is a surname representing a caste of village leaders. In the state of Gujarat, from the middle of the 1500s through the 1900s, the Patel of a village would be a member of the village committee who would help represent the whole village's views to the local council and take the lead in resolving problems and implementing ideas. Patels are not listed among the " backward castes" of India, and most Patels work in agriculture or have their own businesses in various sections of commerce. It is currently also used as a surname like Patidar, or replaced by an ancestral name.

Usage examples of "patel".

Dr Daruwalla or to Inspector Dhar, nor was Deputy Commissioner Patel inclined to clarify the matter promptly.

And his method of questioning carried the added implication that, within your answers, Inspector Patel could discern your moral character.

When she came back, Inspector Patel was at the window, watching the beggars.

Inspector Patel was sitting on the edge of the tub, watching the dildo float around and around like a toy boat.

He needed quite a lot of force to unscrew the dildo, which was as hollow as Inspector Patel had observed.

Inspector Patel would believe her, provided she could get back to Bombay without the local police finding her first.

He knew both a hotel-chain Patel and a department-store Patel in Nairobi.

If the doctor had known that the relationship between Nancy and Detective Patel was deeply connected to the dildo, he would have admitted that his understanding of sexual attraction and compatibility was even less than he supposed.

Poor Vijay Patel was prone to enjoy the confessing of crimes, and Nancy had held nothing back.

Nancy said she sought a life of righting wrongs, and she declared the extent of her attraction to young Patel in such graphic terms that she gave the proper policeman pause.

If the physical attraction that drew Nancy and Inspector Patel together was ever to be acted upon, Nancy knew that she would need to initiate the contact.

Detective Patel wished to speak of with Dr Daruwalla in private was simply this.

Detective Patel and Nancy believed that Farrokh was a more likely target than Dhar himself.

Deputy Commissioner Patel was trying, as he often did, to be comforting.

But before the subinspector could slip back into his office and the safe din of the typewriters, he was barked at by Detective Patel, too.