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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pated \Pat"ed\, a. Having a pate; -- used only in composition; as, long-pated; shallow-pated.


a. Having a pate; -- used only in composition; as, long-pated; shallow-pated, twitterpated.

Usage examples of "pated".

Dorotea rattled on, nibbling at a cheese puff which she then put to one side to take a bite of a pated cracker.

Chani had other worries during these years beyond those of a negotiator Five times during this period, attempts were made on the Royal Concubine s life, once the would-be assassin managed to infiltrate her apartments and might have succeeded m his aim had his knifcwork been just a fraction more expert Chani managed to dispatch him with her cryskmfe and stormed into the Council Chamber without pausing to change her robe The sight of her bursting into the room, stained with her assailant's blood, her hand still poised on the sheathed cryskmfc's handle, threw the table into an uproar Amid the confusion, Lady Jessica-as Cham had antici pated she would-focused her attention on Irulan, soon to be Paul's Consort-m-name The Princess was genuinely stunned, but what convinced Jessica of Irulan's innocence was the brief expression of surprised pleasure that escaped her before her Bene Gessent .

Kris dished out spartan servings since whoever had brought the food had not antici pated eight people dining on the pot's contents.