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n. (plural of passport English)

Usage examples of "passports".

In the evening the count told her that your passports had been returned with the order to leave in three days.

I was content with this letter and put it among my papers, and at Cologne it got me a better reception than all the passports in the world.

She had made up her mind to say no more about it, when at last we heard you had been set free and that your passports had been declared genuine.

But once arrived in Madrid and among friends, Molders boasted of his contact who could provide genuine West German passports in a false name to anyone who asked.

The Russian custom is not to give a traveller his passports till a fortnight has elapsed after the appearance of his name in the paper.

These passports carry legal weight in the Isle de France only, but they procure one respect in all the northern parts of the kingdom.

The question of my passports must have been a mere pretext, for eight or ten days would have sufficed to send them to Madrid and have them back again if their authenticity had been doubted.

Possibly Passano might have told the viceroy that any passports of mine were bound to be false, as I should have had to obtain the signature of my own ambassador.

Bayer, the man who knew how to get false passports, would still be there.

But only the British could supply passports to Germans, and he dared not apply.

Johnstone checked that there were twenty approval slips, went to his safe, took out twenty blank passports, and handed them to Winzer.

So long as the numbers tallied, he got a bunch of blank passports in return.

By the spring of 1964 Winzer had supplied forty-two passports out of his stock of sixty originals.

He thought of the men for whom it had been necessary to obtain passports through Maus Winzer, and the fact that each of them was a wanted man on the list of those destined for arrest and trial if caught.

If you hand me your documents and passports, I shall answer any questions.