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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Paso or PASO may refer to:

  • Paso, an elaborate float made for religious parades
  • A common abbreviation for horses of the breed Peruvian Paso and Paso Fino
  • Pacific Aviation Safety Office, a civil aviation authority for ten states in Oceania
  • " Paso (The Nini Anthem)", a song by Spanish disc jockey and producer Sak Noel
  • Fernando del Paso (born 1935), Mexican novelist
  • Juan José Paso, (1758–1833), Argentine politician
  • Ducati Paso, a motorcycle
  • Pan American Sports Organization, the body that organizes/oversees the Pan American Games
  • Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra, a ska band from Hungary
  • The Primary elections in Argentina, which use the acronym "PASO" ("Primarias Abiertas Simultáneas y Obligatorias")
  • Seldovia Airport (ICAO location indicator: PASO), in Seldovia, Alaska, United States
Paso (The Nini Anthem)

"Paso (The Nini Anthem)" is a song by Spanish disc jockey and producer Sak Noel. It was released on 10 January 2012, was written and produced by Sak Noel. The song has peaked to number 45 on the Austrian Singles Chart.

Usage examples of "paso".

Do you know of the existence of a secret army installation that has been set up somewhere near El Paso recently?

There was no base near El Paso, and none with the ECOMCON designation or a similar mission.

If he denied it, you would then order him to accompany you on an inspection trip to the El Paso area.

El Paso phone number out of his address book onto a slip of paper and gave it to Clark.

El Paso, driving at an unaccustomed 40 miles per hour, Clark had to agree with the description.

Lyman had even suggested calling all the hotels and motels in the El Paso area, but Todd convinced him it would be dangerous.

General Rutkowski, commission him as head of the Air Force, and tell him to make sure that any orders for flying troop carriers to that base near El Paso are canceled at once.

He found a pamphlet in his coat pocket, a what-to-do-in-El Paso folder that he must have picked up at the motel, and read its sixteen small pages so many times he could almost recite them.

He had arrived in El Paso Wednesday morning, and only one night had passed.

We go off this base and drive toward El Paso until we hit the first phone booth.

Racing to El Paso airport in the rented sedan, they had decided not to risk interception by showing themselves in the commercial terminal.

The planes were headed for El Paso, then turned northwest and dropped off our radar screens.

Albuquerque was now part of the western racing circuit, along with El Paso, Tucson, Carson City, Reno, Cheyenne, and Denver.

The next stop was El Paso, and then the circuit would head west to Arizona.

Matador, would be loaded for the trip to El Paso and the next stop on the racing circuit.