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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pash \Pash\, v. t. [Prob. of imitative origin, or possibly akin to box to fight with the fists.] To strike; to crush; to smash; to dash in pieces. [Obs.]
--P. Plowman. ``I'll pash him o'er the face.''


Pash \Pash\, n. [Scot., the pate. Cf. Pash, v. t.]

  1. The head; the poll. [R.] ``A rough pash.''

  2. A crushing blow. [Obs.]

  3. A heavy fall of rain or snow. [Prov. Eng.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"head," 1610s, now obsolete or dialectal, of uncertain origin. In 20c. the word was used as an colloquial shortening of passion.


Etymology 1 n. 1 A passionate kiss. 2 A romantic infatuation; a crush. 3 The object of a romantic infatuation; a crush. 4 Any obsession or passion. vb. 1 (context dialect English) To throw (or be thrown) and break. 2 (context Australia New Zealand slang English) To snog, to make out, to kiss. Etymology 2

n. 1 (context UK dialect obsolete English) A crushing blow. 2 (context UK dialect obsolete English) A heavy fall of rain or snow. 3 (context obsolete English) The head. Etymology 3

vb. To strike; to crush; to smash; to dash into pieces.


Pash or Paash (September 9, 1950 – March 23, 1988) was the pen name of Avtar Singh Sandhu, one of the major poets of the Naxalite movement in the Punjabi literature of the 1970s. He was killed by Khalistani extremists on March 23, 1988. His strongly left-wing views were reflected in his poetry.

Pash (disambiguation)

Pash may refer to:

  • Pash (1950–1988), Indian poet
  • Pash (kiss), a passionate romantic kiss
  • Pash a pop album by Australian singer Kate Ceberano
  • Pash (software), a PowerShell open source reimplementation
  • Pash, Iran (disambiguation), places in Iran
  • Pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia - a proliferation of breast mesenchyme of uncertain significance
  • Pash, an obsolete term for Easter

People with the surname Pash:

  • Boris Pash (1900–1995), United States Army officer
  • Jeff Pash (20th century), Australian rules footballer
  • Jim Pash (1948–2005), American musician and recording artist
Pash (Kate Ceberano album)

Pash is an album released by Australian recording artist Kate Ceberano in May 1998.

The lead single, " Pash" was released in December 1997, and eventually peaked at number 10 in March 1998 and was certified gold. Two further singles were released from the album: "Love Is Alive" and "Time to Think", but both failed to reach the ARIA top 50.

Ceberano stated in her 2014 autobiography that the album Pash is "naked, unabashed pop" but the most personal album she has ever made: "It had taken me fifteen years to get to the point where I was confident enough to make decisions and to see them through. Before Pash I had been too willing to let others make the decisions for me, even when it was my band and my face on the album cover. I didn't trust my own instincts as an artist. Pash was the artistic breakthrough I needed. I wrote or co-wrote all the tracks".

Ceberano explains that she wrote the song "Courage" with Mark Goldenberg as a wedding present for her mother. She was inspired by her mother's statement, "I can't believe I've found a man who has the courage to love me".

Pash (song)

"Pash" is a song by Australian singer Kate Ceberano. It was released as the first single from her studio album, Pash, in December 1997. It spent twenty-one weeks in the Australian singles charts, peaking at number 10. The song went gold in 1998. At the ARIA Music Awards of 1998, "Pash" earned Ceberano a nomination for ARIA Award for Best Female Artist but lost to Natalie Imbruglia.

Usage examples of "pash".

Airen Cracken had fabricated an identity for his son that allowed Pash to enter the Imperial Naval Academy.

Pash Cracken had suggested that approach since the austral-polar continent was known to be too geologically unstable for the Mrisst Trade and Science Academy to have set up any astronomical observation posts.

Wedge Antilles realized that the mission he and Pash Cracken had been given was the most difficult of all to complete.

Wedge knew anyone other than Pash Cracken would have a hard time keeping up with him anyway.

Wedge heard footsteps behind him and, expecting to see Tycho and Winter, was surprised when instead he saw General Cracken and Pash.

Now he was the general in charge of the flight group, Pash Cracken was the commander of Memory of Ithor, and!

Rohan quieted the restive Pashta, knowing the stallion was eager for a fight he would not be allowed to joinunless Chay was utterly wrong and they started to lose.

Afterwards it became apparent that the camel must have gotten into the aphrodisiacs, for one of the bottles was pashed as if by a hoof, with only a scummy licked patch showing where its leaked contents had been, and two of the small clay jars were vanished entirely.

When he saw the cats and heard their yowl, he turned tail, but RK, Grimla, Pash, Haji, and Sher-Paw bounded after him, only to be outsprinted by the larger, longer-legged Temple cats who guarded Aridimi.

Fair temple-domes were pashed like shells of the haliotis, and haughty mansions were broken and stamped into the ground even as gourds.

White predominated in his hair, but tinges of the red hair he'd passed on to his son Pash still lingered around the sides and back.

He promised himself that if the potion did not solve his problems, he would make Sheelba feel that the whole city of Lankhmar had lifted up on myriad stout legs and come trampling across the Great Salt Marsh to pash the wizard in his hut.