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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Parvis \Par"vis\, Parvise \Par"vise\, n. [F. parvis, fr. LL. paravisus, fr. L. paradisus. See Paradise.] A court of entrance to, or an inclosed space before, a church; hence, a church porch; -- sometimes formerly used as place of meeting, as for lawyers.


n. 1 An enclosed courtyard in front of a building, especially a cathedral. 2 A portico surrounding such a space. 3 The porch of a church, or the room over it.


n. a courtyard or portico in front of a building (especially a cathedral)

Usage examples of "parvis".

Therefore Angus Parvis, treading the ground of Titan with heavy steps, gave no thought to the black shaft above his head, or to the pushbutton glowing like a ruby within its transparent little bubble-case.

Angus Parvis, on his way to Grail, not once in the whole rambling sequence of his ruminations connected his name with Parsifal.

The trunk tilted with the momentum, and if Parvis had not supported it, had not pulled it out of its forward plunge with a series of gradually braking steps, it definitely would have crashed to the ground.

Already his entire upper trunk was dusted with this snow, which lost its similarity to snow because it did not descend compliantly on the metal surfaces of the hull, did not collect loosely in its hollows, but adhered like a white syrup, sprouted, sent out milky threads, and before Parvis realized it, he had grown snowy fur all over.

Only now did Parvis appreciate the advantage given him by the radiator.

But all Parvis found was an overturned toolbox and wrenches that had spilled from it.

The next day, towards sunset, mademoiselle and I were once again upon the balcony of the inn, when I saw a horseman trotting past the parvis of St.

The council to-day will revoke the suspension of the edicts, and once more the hell-fires will be lit on the parvis of every church in Paris.

A SERGEANT OF THE LAW, wary and wise, That often had y-been at the Parvis, There was also, full rich of excellence.

She walked to the center of the Place du Parvis and gazed at the perfect Gothic facade of Notre Dame.

Around it, in the episcopal purlieus and on the margin of the parvis, lodged the prelates and the canons.

Had she too, when she had dismounted in the parvis royal by the ancient olive tree and ascended the long flight of hollow stairs leading to the palace of the Capets, felt dismay as she fronted her solemn spouse and as her memory flew back to sunny southern towns and the familiar children of her native palaces?

The poor shepherd heard the planning of his death, although the two cousins had walked in the parvis, and talked to each other as every one speaks at church when praying to God.

Namque et operum magnitudinem et timorem suum sperabat fiduciam barbaris allaturum, et cum pabulatum frumentatumque longius esset proficiscendum, parvis copiis castra munitione ipsa videbat posse defendi.

Sunday, the 3rd of September, 1430, they were taken to the Parvis Notre Dame to hear a sermon.