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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Parus \Parus\ prop. n. The type genus of the family Paridae.

Syn: genus Parus.


Parus is a genus of Old World birds in the tit family. It was formerly a large genus containing most of the 50 odd species in the family Paridae. The genus was split into several resurrected genera following the publication of a detailed molecular phylogenetic analysis in 2013. The genus name, Parus, is the Latin for "tit".

The genus now contains the following species:

  • Great tit, Parus major
  • Japanese tit, Parus minor (split from P. major)
  • Cinereous tit, Parus cinereus (split from P. major)
  • Green-backed tit, Parus monticolus
Parus (satellite)

Parus ( meaning Sail), also Tsyklon-B or Tsiklon-B ( meaning Cyclone-B) and Tsikada-M ( meaning Cicada-M), GRAU index 11F627, is a Russian, previously Soviet satellite constellation used for communication and navigation. As of 2010, 99 Parus satellites have been launched, starting with Kosmos 700 in 1974. All launches have been conducted using Kosmos-3M carrier rockets, flying from sites 132 and 133 at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome.

Parus satellites are produced by JSC Information Satellite Systems (formerly NPO PM), based on the KAUR-1 satellite bus. They have a mass of around , and a design life of 18–24 months. The satellites operate in low Earth orbits, typically with a perigee of about , an apogee of and 82.9° inclination. They are operated by the Russian Aerospace Defence Forces, and are used primarily for navigation, Store and forward communication, and to relay data from US-P satellites. Some of the navigation functions are believed to have been superseded by the GLONASS system.

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